Press Release: Flat Connections Global Projects Fly High
March 31, 2014

The February-June 2014 season of Flat Connections Projects delivers another series of global projects that has seen unsurpassed participation from all corners of the globe with students of all grade levels making this one of the most successful project seasons to date. The logistics and mentoring that goes into each of these projects to make them a success is always challenging, but Julie Lindsay has continued to refine the ever-evolving process with the help of experienced, tech-savvy project managers. The 14-1 season started with the creation of a new global project, The Flat Connections Global Project, and will end with the Flat Connections Conference in Sydney, Australia in mid-June.

Interested teachers and schools will also want to read the recent article in THE Journal, "Global collaboration projects that go way beyond Skype" which features Flat Connections as well as two of our global educators, Theresa Allen (Digiteen Project Manager) and Avylon Magarey (Flat Connections Global Educator).

FCGP 14-1 Flat Connections Global Project is the newest addition to the collection. In this project high school age students work on teams to explore the topics found in the 2013 Horizon Report and David Price’s Open. Over 500 students across 20 schools and six countries are using a wiki to develop ideas that will eventually lead to the creation of an Ebook or multimedia artifact. Additionally, students will create personal multimedia responses about the specific topic they researched that will include outsourced video clips from their global team members.

Digiteen/Digitween 14-1 continues to give teens and tweens an important place to explore issues of digital citizenship. In this project students work in global teams to develop a researched-based wiki and then action projects around important digital citizenship issues are designed by classrooms. The participants are currently working on creating wiki pages around their assigned issue and will soon move into creating their action projects based on community needs.

AWL 14-1 ‘A Week in the Life...’ provides upper elementary age children the opportunity to share cultural experiences with other children around the globe. Students in mixed classroom teams share digital artifacts about their culture on a wiki and discuss different aspects of daily life such as celebrations, clothing, housing, and transportation. Participants are in the process of selecting sub topics to research and share with their global partners

K-2 14-1 The K-2 Building Bridges to Tomorrow project involves our youngest group of global collaborators. The projects aims to connect K-2 classrooms around the globe to share culture and collaborate. Participants in this project prove that it’s never too young to go global. They have recently completed ‘A View from the Window’ activity where they share what they see from their classroom window. They will soon work on a collaborative topic with group members around topics such as “making a meal”, “how we play” and “sharing stories.”

GYD 2013-14 - Global youth debates (formerly known as Eracism Project), continues to provide a debate forum for all as it “joins diverse cultures and includes authentic debate for global competence, international mindedness and action.” Students in school-based teams are researching the ‘Sustainability’ topic: Using plastic water bottles does more harm than good. Voicethread is being utilized to record the debates asynchronously, and judges in various locations playback the debates to judge a winner of each round. This semester a final play out will reveal the overall debate champion.

Schools, educators and leaders who want to know more about Flat Connections Projects are welcome to teacher information and browse current wiki collaborations. The next set of projects will start in September 2014 and updated information, including application form, will be available from the website by mid-April. Don’t forget to explore professional development opportunities, including the online Flat Connections Global Educator certificate, and the ‘Connect, Collaborate, Go Global’ workshop with Julie in Atlanta, June 25-26, 2014.

AWL 14-1 Participants

Theresa Allen, Marlene Hinthorn, Katlyn Kennedy
Cathedral of St. Raymond
Donna Stephens
British International School Phuket
Sudha Rajouria, Bhagawati Chetrri
Lincoln School Nepal
Helen McConaghy
The Wellington School
Joy Meany, Sue Ann Miller
Ford Intermediate School
Donna Esposito
MacFarland Intermediate School
Amanda von Jentzen
Beijing BISS International School
Rajashree Basu, Purva Holker, DUrgesh Jadhav, Anjali Nair, Gunjan Belani, Parita Vijay
Choithram International

Tina Schmidt

St. Ignatius of Antioch


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