'A Week in the Life...' Workflow

AWL 01 - March-June

  • Application Deadline: February 15
  • Online Teacher Information Meeting: before March 1
  • Classroom and Student Handshake: March 1-15
  • Team Formation and Project Discussions:March 15-April 15
  • Multimedia Collection and Sharing: April 15-30
  • Media Collation and Product Development: May 1-15
  • Celebration, Summits and Reflections: May 15-June 1

Workflow in more detail: (teachers also refer to the Teacher admin wiki)
  • Weeks 1-2:
    • Opening of project
    • Classroom handshakes and introductions
    • Team orientation and discussion of topics
  • Weeks 3-5:
    • Team communication and collaboration
    • Skill development in multimedia and Web 2.0
    • Planning and designing final team outcome - who will do what, how to share multimedia across the world
  • Weeks 6-8:
    • Classrooms start to document ‘A Week in the Life of.........’
    • Multimedia artifact collection
    • Starting to edit
  • Weeks 8-10:
    • Talk with our classes about the essential questions and project ideas, then talk in the Discussion area of the team wiki pages about a shared project idea and parts for each class.
    • Kids at each school complete their portion of the team project
    • Teacher leaders complete the team projects and upload to the wiki
    • Final week and celebration; Closing the project