Welcome to the 'A Week in the Life...' Project 14-1

A Flat Connections Project for students of around age 8-10
‘A Week in the Life...’ is part of the Flat Connections group of global projects.

Essential Questions Which Will Be Answered:
  1. What are the similarities and differences among children around the world?
  2. How can we connect with each other through our commonalities?
  3. How does your geography where you live impact your topic?

Students, your assignment is to work with your team of kids from different schools to:

1. Do some research on a week in the life of children in your school around these topics:
  • School time
  • Languages
  • Clothing
  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Leisure time
  • Food
  • Celebrations
  • Environment
2. Complete a team project sharing your information and ideas to the rest of the project group
  • Collect multimedia artifacts and decide as a team what and how you want to share these
  • Each classroom will be responsible for editing a number of team projects
3. Upload your project into the table on the Final Project Page for your group.
4. View all the group projects and compare and contrast the results.

Project Classrooms and Countries

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Country, School and Teachers

School Logo

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St. Ignatius of Antioch School, Pennsylvania,
USA - Tina Schmidt
St. Ignatius.jpg

St. Ignatius School.jpg
Ford Intermediate School, Brook Park, Ohio (Berea City Schools), USA - Joy Meany & Sue Miller

The Wellington School
Columbus, Ohio, USA
Helen McConaghy
Skype ID: mcconaghy2
The Wellington School.png

external image task_133830_257.jpg
MacFarland Intermediate School, Bordentown, NJ USA
Donna Esposito
external image 808-logo.png

British International School Phuket

The Cathedral of St. Raymond School
Joliet, IL USA
tower logo.JPG

Lincoln School
Kathmandu, Nepal


Choithram International School, Indore, India


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